Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

Happy Halloween!
Image credit: via Pinterest

Happy Halloween
Image credit: via Pinterest

Mind as you go ~ tricking or treating all over your neighborhood. Play and keep safe!
Oh and "BOO" to you too 

Monday, 8 October 2012

What lies beneath ........ the stairs!!!

Now this is what I call ultimate storage solutions (apart from the cloakroom). I'm actually not going to say much on this post as the images speak for themselves. They are all totally awesome!

Best use of stairs and stair space - #thingsmatter
Image credit: Home via pinterest 

Friday, 5 October 2012

Denim inspired designs - celebrate Jeans for Genes Day 2012

Today 5th October 2012 is National Jeans for genes day and of course I am wearing a pair of jeans today. But not only that I will in my own way contribute to this special cause.
 It is to raise money for children with genetic disorders. To find out more, which I would encourage you to do so please follow the link ~ Jeans for Genes Day

Here are a few denim finds that tickle my fancy. Hope you like them too!

Wedding table centre pieces, jeans shabby chic if I must say ........

I've never been a fan of Ugly Ugg boots but these are surely nice. Denim blue and brown always a good combination

SMEG have produced a jeans-coated fridge. A world first! I wonder how much it costs?

Cute and dainty denim stars

Pretty denim stool, the ideas are endless

Now we are talking, the denim armchair

}My take on  ~ There is so much upcycling that could be done with denim. Wear your jeans today. Celebrate the only day that it matters the most - Jeans for Genes Day!~