Thursday, 30 June 2011

The Fit Office Chair

Did anyone notice the lime green version of this chair on the Apprentice this week on BBC1

The one on the Apprentice was featured at the very beginning of the show when Tom ran up the stairs to call the other contestants to gather downstairs as Lord Sugar was waiting (clue: on the first floor landing)

The chair is the Fit Office Chair made by Interstuhl. In 2009, the chair won an award for design innovation at the Neocon Office Furniture Exhibition in Chicago. It is made out of mesh material and fits around your body when you sit in it. Very ergonomic.

My picture was taken at their Showroom during the Clerkenwell Design Week 2011 in London.

}My take on the Fit Office Chair - One size fits all comfortably!!!!~

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Interior Designer in the House!!!

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We listen attentively to what the client is trying to achieve which could be picking colours for repainting a room, selecting fabrics for upholstery, choosing wallpaper design or sourcing furniture. These are just a few of the services offered by us.

Ultimately, Dezine Konnections brings "any" space alive.

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Thursday, 23 June 2011

LEDs switch the lights on!!!!

All I can say is "wow oh wow". What a stunning display. This is LED lighting taken to a whole new level. It is the largest LED display in the world!!!!

This the Ports Authority Bus Terminal in  and was made possible by GKD-USA. The diplay is on both day and night.The display alternates and is made out of woven metal fabric and tons of LEDs intricately laid within it.

I so love this floral display. It lights up the night.

GKD Port Authority

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Kiss Inspired Design

Apparently it's National Kissing Day in the UK and I thought I should come up with with some designs inspired by this day.

Enjoy ...............

 Kiss Lounge Chairs by Velichko Velikov
The Kiss Lounge Chair
Images courtesy of

Set of Kissing Tables
Kiss Tables
Image courtesy of

Vintage pillows

Image courtesy of

Kissing bench
Image courtesy of

Happy Kiss Lights
 Happy Kiss Lights Lamp Furniture 588x304 Happy Kiss Lights by Caleb Siemon
Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

}My take on kiss inspired design - they are reflections of the heart and heart IS where the home is !!!!!~

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Daddy, Daddy Cool !!!!

Happy Fathers day to all the fathers globally from Dezine Konnections. 

Daddies ARE cool and I thought I'd share these images of "Daddy Cool" bar, Grand Daddy Hotel in Capetown SA to celebrate Fathers Day.

Image courtesy of

The mix of white and gold interior is to die for. They create a very striking contrast.

The bling, the metallic gold hues, white leather seating, the drooping ceiling bling, the grand champagne buckets at the bar - what more could a Daddy want. Any Dad will definitely feel "kool" at this bar!!!!!

Daddy Cool Bar

Daddy Cool Bar

Daddy Cool Bar

Daddy Cool Bar

Daddy Cool Bar

All images above courtesy of

Image courtesy of

}My take on Daddy Cool Bar - Bring the bling!!! bling!!!! on~

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Would you like an egg?

Am loving this egg chair creating a fab focal point in this smart kitchen diner featured on housetohome. Very stylish

Kitchen-diner | Converted Tudor farmhouse house tour | modern decorating ideas | house tour | PHOTO GALLERY | Livingetc | Housetohome
Image courtesy of

Friday, 17 June 2011

Memories of Clerkenwell Design Week 2011

My so long awaited piece. The Place to be at during the last week of May was the Clerkenwell Design Week (CDW) 2011. And here is a copy of my "spare" CDW map (That's why it's not wrinkled, scribbled-on and dog-eared like the real one I used to find my way around)

I had a fabulous time last week Tuesday at the Clerkenwell Design Week (CDW). It was one up on 2010’s. The ante was upped a bit.

Also made it to all four talks I had on my itinery for the day. 12.30 - Milliken's "Design 2012"; 16.00 - InterfaceFLOR's "Key Trends that will influence our world in the near future"; 17.30 - Kholer's "New hotel design trends and beautiful bathing spaces" and lastly at 18.30 - Knoll's "Debate: Are there too many designers?". I came away from all four talks feeling very inspired, refreshed and more educated to say the least.

So here are my memories of CDW 2011

First up the exhibitions at the old Victorian prison "House of detention" .......................

Back outside. The only outside feature I remembered to take a pic of.

Yes - I just couldn't resist this pair of classic Chaise Lounge - LC4s at Cassina's showroom. Made famous by legendary the Le Corbusier. Fabulous!!!

An interesting model at the Sedus showroom

Can you guess whose Teaparty this was. Lovely yummy cupcakes and nice cappuccino (I know I should have had tea !!!!!)

I met Cathy Warwick the UK Sales Manager at Bulo who happens to reside in my very own hometown, Letchworth Garden City. We compared notes (children, schools, coffee shops etc), was dead funny. You would have thought we had been friends for years.

These beautiful sinks were in Kohler's showroom where they held the "New hotel design trends and beautiful bathing spaces" talk

I couldn't resist the daybed from the window with a view ....... After all my walking around I did feel like taking a quick nap.

My last shot of "CDW 2001" en-route home.

}My take on CDW 2011-I had a wonderful experience. Can't wait for next year's (CDW 2012)~