Friday, 30 September 2011

Breast Cancer Supportive Cup by BoConcept

I really love the tiny pink details. The Breast Cancer support sign.

                                                  BoConcept Running Ribbon Cup

designwire daily | BoConcept’s Cup for the
We’re coming up on the eve of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and design companies from
around the globe—like Suite New York’s Pink Swan Project—are at the ready to contribute
to the cause. This year, furniture retailer BoConcept has a new concept in mind to raise
money for a cure: a cup entitled............. click on to read the rest of the article

Thursday, 29 September 2011

DECOREX 2011 ~ Oh what a day (Part I)

The theme for Decorex International 2011 was "Cherished Places. I stumbled upon loads of amazing colour themes, luxury, prints, glamour, retro throwbacks, wallpaper, wow factors, mini-drinks and espresso bars. There were also a few birdcages used at quite a few stands as part of their props.

Here are my very own conclusions seen through my camera lenses. Yes lenses. My old faithful Olympus digital and my Blackberry.!!! Am sure you'll agree with me, the pictures do depict the true Decorex 2011.

Here's my entry badge. Proof I was there !!!!

What striked me first which was unavoidable even if you tried was Nicky Haslam's Foyer you pass through to get to the main hall. All I could say as WOW!!!! I loved the shimmer, the glitter, the glamour, the gold, the silver. In short the whole theme ~ Cherished places.

This is Blenworth who displayed very beautiful and colourful fabrics from their Halcyon prints and embroideries alongside their birdcages. See the play of framed fabrics on the wall.

Met this lovely couple who run a business together called Lizzie Allen. They create beautiful hand screen printed wallpaper.

Love this original vintage Coca-Cola vending machine exhibited by the Games Room company.

The Rug company tent was dead cool !!!

This chair made out of wire was outside de Le Cuona's. They had lovely fabrics displayed inside their tent too.

Talk about getting your colours just right, that’s just what Little Greene did with their “RETROSPECTIVES” theme. A throwback to the 60s & 70s with their 32 authentic colours.

This sofa was so inviting as seen at Munna Baltazar's stand. Had one of these lovely mini cup cakes too. So Yummy.

Found this giant bowl which is made out of alabaster at Atelier Alain Ellouz's stand. The rose petals were the icing 'in the bowl'.

The House and Garden peeps doing their thing

and the Editor of House and Garden's Sue Crewe ......... "In conversation with Nicky Haslam"  

The Cushionista launched their Cachet collection at the show with this wonderful display of cushions and fabrics.

Catchpole and Rye’s Shower unit made out of joined pipes. The water runs thru them is released through perforated holes in the pipes. Absolutely amazing and aptly called “La Cage D’Amour”.

Also love the cisterns on the wall ..........................

....................... and the white marble double washstand by Catchpole too.

Evitavonni’s luxurious accessories on the bed below were so divine, I so wanted to snuggle up in it. See the 'chinese cookie-shaped' cushions.

Pinch was simply Pinch. Very nice wood pieces.

These design pieces plus the table and chair are from Aram. They really made me smile. I like 'different and quirky'. 

Now this I thought was quite different ~ this silver cutlery coffee table by Harlequin

Susie Watson Design’s display with a clever play of colours

And So To Bed’s bed display outside it’s hut stand

Yes, the Stig was there too at Kensington Home technology. I wonder what he was waiting for?

I just couldn’t resist .............

}My take on Decorex 2011 ~ Design stands and the creative forces really upped their ante. My first time attending and it was so very much more than I expected. Can't wait for Decorex 2012~

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Switched Storage boxes

Here are some very lovely stacked  'Hat boxes' but from my Interior Designer point of view, I see them as having other uses. And will also look equally as pretty wherever they are stacked.

Decorative storage boxes are quite popular. They add some sort of nostalgia and spice to a room. Whatever box style you chose ensure it ties in with the space's design theme i.e. in terms of colour, size and pattern. The boxes should 'add' to the whole design and not 'take-away'.

Storage boxes are very good for decluttering spaces especially if you are dealing with a small one. Also handy for hiding bits and bobs, little fiddly-bits etc. I personally use decorative boxes for my 'Home Office'. I store fabric samples, leaflets, magazine cuttings, paint colour samples and so on. In a nutshell, my tools of the 'interior design trade' so to speak!!!

Really you can store anything you really like in these decorated storage boxes. 

What would 'you' keep in your box?

Friday, 9 September 2011

The Isolated House - Inside the Big Brother House

Yes, I know, am doing today's blog post back-to-front. "After the event" - at the end of Celebrity Big Brother 2011. But I had to do this piece all the same even though I'm not a fan of the show. Am a massive fan of the interiors of the Big Brother House (except the crazy carnival theme last year). 

This house was designed by 'Hello Charlie' - topguns in designing for media shows. It's very vibrant and full of block colours. The interior design theme is very luxurious.

I love the sweeping curved staircase with the Giant aquarium wall Mural. Now that's what I call an entrance.

The infamous diary room chair for 2011 is a Club Chair. A throwback to the Art Deco era. Fabulous.

I like this year's distinctive functional spaces. So very open plan. The living-cum-dining-cum-kitchen area. Very spacious and airy. 

The modular seating is always a nice feature as they are movable and can be rearranged.

The kitchenette area has glossy illuminated island units which are quite trendy at the moment.

And also the twist of the units on the other side with wooden panels, omplimenting the wooden flooring.

Talk about "Mirrors, Mirrors on the Wall whose the fairest of them all". I so love the 'oversize mirrors' in the bedroom (which conceal the cameras - big brother watching all the time).

It's also has a state-of-the-art gym.

The bathroom is very sleek with it's cool blue colour with the sweet pink touches. A good balance of blue-for-boys and pink-for-girls if you ask me.. The stand-alone bathtub is so divine.

The outdoor space too did not disappoint one bit. The footbridge over the decking adds a nice touch. The longest swimming pool so far for the Big Brother house.

All images courtesy of Celebrity Big Brother. For more on the house you can visit

}My take on the Big Brother house ~Yup, not your typical house but we are are talking Big Brother here. The norm is so very different~