Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Metro Wall Art on the go .......

I came across this wonderful piece of abstract art during my Easter holiday in France. It was hanging in one of the Stations in Roubaix. Roubaix-Grand Palace Metro Station to be precise!!!

I love the play of colours without forgetting to blend in the silver and metallic shine.

Isn't it great how the border of the frame is in synch with the station's curved silver railing? Even the task lighting which provides bouncing light off the picture to give it some sort of presence. 

I wonder who the artist is of this masterpiece?. I've got to do more digging then. If anyone out there knows who it is please leave me a comments. Thanks

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Headboards are making HEADLINES .......

Who would have thought it haay. That the headboards that so remind us of our grandparents and the 60s are making very bold statements NOW!!!

Now this is very clever - A headboard created from 'bookcovers'. What an ingenious idea!!!

Image courtesy of www.instructables.com

Now this will solve any disputes over which side is whose. Talk about very clear statements.

Bedroom Design with Wall Graphics by d:baires-The Best Contemporary Bedroom Design

These ones have an Art Deco theme going on. Absolutely fabulous!

Image via walshdigital.deviantart.com

The interior of Hilton Arc de Triomphe. So very Art Deco.

Art Deco Ebony Headboard
Image via www.icorners.com

'Pixilated headboard'. Another great one.

Creative Headboard Pixel Bed By Olivieri2

}My take on headboards - they make necessary fabulous statements in the bedroom~

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Mr & Mrs Smith's Retreat

I couldn't resist sharing these images of the article I read in "Architectural Digest" recently about Will and Jada Pinkett Smith's Malibu Home. 

Images courtesy of  www.architecturaldigest.com

The house itself is adobe-styled - made out of natural material (usually sand, clay and water) as well as organic material (sticks, straw etc). Very ideal for warm and dry climates due to the nature of the buildings.

They are also known as Pueblo style houses Very popular in New Mexico, Turkey, Iran and other suitable climates.

To read the full article on this Adobe-style abode, please visit architecturaldigest.com

Monday, 8 August 2011

To retro or not to retro?

Yep that's the question of the day!

Retro Wallpaper From UK Wallpapers
Image courtesy of  Latemag.com

This is so so retro and yes it is cool, funky and brings a warm feel into the space. I also like the introduction of the subtle white colours

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Trendy Modern Kitchen

I stumbled across this fabulous kitchen design while researching online for something else. 
It's sleek and shiny. It's simply a smooth operator!!!!

I love the colour accents - the burnt orange gloss-finished kitchen island on the white finished floor plus the baby pink storage cupboards and fridge freezer unit. As well as the introduction of stainless steel  for the finishing touches.

Not forgetting the sleek curved edges and the flow of this superb kitchen design and the .  translucent bar stools are so in their rightful places.

This one seems to tick all the boxes for me

new trendy modern kitchen design trends
Image courtesy of  www.hote-ls.com

Monday, 1 August 2011

Light a candle & release it's scent !!!

In my opinion, candles add that extra touch to a beautiful setting. They enhance the ambience of a room or space.

But these are just no any ordinary candles. They are scented candles which release wonderful fragrances into a room. 

They are good for lifting the mood and creating a certain character and atmosphere for a place.
 The magic of candlelight, the most subtle of all, is an exquisite addition to any and all lighting  ~ Robert Kime, Architectural Digest 

Below is a quote from one of the daily debated topics on ITV's "Loose Women" programme (aired on 4th February 2001 loosewomen) :
How important is the scent of your home and what would we smell if we set inside your home?
How important is it that your home has a wonderful whiff? According to the newspapers today, it seems it's not only how nice our house looks that's important to us, but also how it smells. Apparently air fresheners and scented candles are on the up and have pushed traditional pot pourri out of British 
living rooms. So how important is the scent of your home and what would we smell if we set inside your home?

Here are just a few of the nice "scented" candles we sell. We have a much wider range in stock which is always changing.

We also have lovely tealightholders as well as other delightful gift sets.We can source candles and candle accessories like tealight holders, candle plates, lighters etc. for any occasion.

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