Sunday, 31 July 2011

Mountain Hideaway - Cedar clad House

Thinking of a secluded getaway to hide this summer. This is a very eco-friendly sustainable house in the middle of Cougar Mountains forest. It's cedar cladded and the interior is very pleasing on the eyes.







Saturday, 30 July 2011

In Cobalt Blue Please .........

Today's blog is about a colour this time. Blue. Cobalt Blue. Something I hardly blog about. Colours I mean. 

I really, really like Cobalt Blue. It's quite soothing and also stands out in a crowd. It's very catchy and I love it for that.

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Cobalt Blue Hurricane lamp

Even just slight touches of this very cool blue colour makes a huge welcoming difference

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Now this cobalt blue chair is definitely right up my street. Can't wait to work on a project where the colour theme will be blue. It'll be quite exciting.

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}My take on Cobalt blue - It screams passion, looks great with white (.....and other colours too!!!!)  and is very now!!!!~

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Restaurant Dining Rooms: Old School making a big comeback in style

Here is my tribute to unsung dining rooms. Yes I mean "dining rooms". Like in Junior or primary school. But with a bit more class, way more class!!!

The Dining Room,Whitechapel Gallery, London
Whitechapel Gallery Dining Room

This is the dining room, Gold Coast Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas. Am so in love with the Art Deco ceiling light shades. Also the carpeting is fab!!!

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My Dining Room, Fulham
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Leftbank restauarnt, Runnymede-on-Thames hotel
Riverside dining at our restaurants in Egham, Surrey - the leftbank restaurant
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Ella Dining Room and Bar, Sacramento
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The Dining Room, Glasgow

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Ashmolean Dining Room, Oxford

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}My take on Restaurant Dining Rooms - they are definitely the place to dine and wine in. Old school is back in style~

Monday, 25 July 2011

Breakfast with Tiffany: Who would you like to breakfast with?

Oh my, oh my. I do really love Tiffany. No exaggeration. At all.

I think the images all speak for themselves ....... This hideout is in Upper fifth Avenue. It is The St. Regis New York's Tiffany Suite. All I can say is WOW!!!! The Tiffany Blue colour injections make this suite utterly to-die-for.

Tiffany St. Regis

Tiffany St. Regis

Tiffany St. Regis

Tiffany St. Regis

All images courtesy of designwire.To read the full article please click here Design wire

}My take on the Tiffany Suite - got a new love interest inTiffany Blue and the decor is absolutely divine~

Monday, 18 July 2011

Finishing touches: Door Knobs

There is always that final piece of detail that usually either gets overlooked or not even noticed at all. Doorknobs are now coming out of the woodwork. They can be glass, metal, wooden, plastic, ceramic, brass. So many finishes are available now.

Designs are very innovating and really pushing the envelope. And It's all in the small details.

These ones below are made out of glass by Out of the Blue Design Studio. They look fab!!!!

141103 Doorknob

411101 Doorknob

151105 Doorknob

To see more please visit their website out of the blue design studio

The next one is a French antique one made out of ceramic
Bedford French Antique Doorknobs
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 These are made out of both ceramic and glass. Very dainty "eye-candy"

I love these as they have catchy words to say the least

Image via Country Living

This one is made out of Ivory resin from "Graham & Green". In a very nice "creamy" colour too.
Image via House to home

This one has an "antique" appearance. Very nice intricate detail on the porcelain knob itself. So right up my street.

10 best door knobs | Home Accessories | PHOTO GALLERY |

Image via House to home

How about one made of "pumice" stone. Yes pumice!

10 best door knobs | Home Accessories | PHOTO GALLERY |
Image via House to home

Remember I said designs are pushing the envelope. See these below. What do you think? Am loving these Sport-themed door knobs by Chloe Alberry

And finally but not the least a good old wooden one. But not just any ordinary one. This is a beehive wood-turning doorknob! By Chloe Alberry too.

10 best door knobs | Home Accessories | PHOTO GALLERY |
Image via House to home

}My take on doorknobs - Watch out for these small finishing details as size does really matter ~

Friday, 15 July 2011

Container Spaces - Sustainable Living for the future

The new trend in sustainable living is living in containers. Yes you heard me right - shipping containers. They are 100% recycled from used containers. It's been well tested and tried in the UK with London's Docklands Container City and other parts of the world like US, Canada and Mexico.

Now Nigeria is following the trend by introducing "Container Space" a new project. Global Pathway has entered into a Joint Venture with Container Space Nigeria Ltd. Read full article here 3Invest Real Estate Blog

So how do you go about designing the interior of these sustainable eco-friendly living quarters? For starters use lights colours to make the space brighter and feel bigger. Make the best of natural lighting. I'd also go for a white ceiling to make it appear higher than it is.

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Do not clutter the spaces Use mirrors to trick the eye but not just on walls also on other surfaces like wardrobe doors.

Also try and pick furniture that doesn't contrast with the wall colours. The closer the match, the better!!! And then add shots of colour subtly with accessories like scatter cushions, plants (real or artificial), books on a coffee table etc.

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}My take on container living (and working) - a very cool and trendy concepts~

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Walls that speak volumes - Inspirational Wall Decor

I keep coming across wonderful walls that make a statement. They kind of bring a room together. Like the final touch that's needed

Here are some that are very inspirational to me !!!

Vinyl Wall Decal Graphic Art Lettering
Dance Love Sing Live inspirational vinyl wall decal graphic art lettering Home Decor
Image via Etsy

Metal Wall Plaque
Live, Laugh, Love Wall Art

If you like swirls (and maybe red as well), then this might be right up your street ........

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A room at Zoom Inn Boutique Hotel in Southern Malaysia

Cosy room with inspirational words and cheerful wall painting
Image via newstraitstimes

Below you'll also find very interesting ways of displaying pictures frames

}My take on speaking walls - They can be fun, inspirational and do speak volumes!!!!~

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Legendary Architect George Gilbert Scott of the Midlands Grand Hotel Fame

Another famous birthday today. Yes another one. Today marks the 200th Birthday of George Gilbert Scott who died on 27th March 1878. He was most famous for designing the iconic Midland Grand Hotel which is sadly no more. It has now been restored and reincarnated as the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel.

The beautiful Gothic-inspired magnificent building opened the east-wing in 1873 and the whole building was completed in 1876. It is now a Grade I listed building. And very right so.

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Fact ~ George Scott's grandson, Giles Gilbert Scott, designed the legendary British Red Telephone box !!!

Here's the grand sweeping staircase below. How fab is that !!! I can just imagine in the Victorian days 

Curved hallway, Midland Grand Hotel, St Pancras Chamber London UK
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This beautiful canvas mural, a Thomas Wallis Hay, is an original featuring a chaucerian scene.

Romance of the Rose, Midland Grand Hotel, St Pancras Chamber London UK
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}My take on George Gilbert Scott - He was a classic unforgettable and impressionable architect~