Sunday, 27 March 2016

Happy Easter Sunday from Detola And Geek

Happy Easter everyone. Hope you are enjoying the long bank holiday weekend.

I am totally loving these 'Soap Stone' eggs made by Swahili Modern (whose handmade  products I adore & they also help in building communities in Africa).

I've got a couple of new lampshade designs to share with you during the week. If you can't wait til then,  you can check them out in my Etsy Shop  now!

Sunday, 20 March 2016

First Day of Spring 2016 & International Day of Happiness!

It's here! It's Here. Hello Spring, you have atlast Sprung :-)

 "Come Spring with all it's splendor. All its birds & all it's blossoms. All it's flowers & leaves" ~ Goodfellow

This is the last day of my Detola & Geek handmade Flash Sale! Ends at midnight today, 20th March 2016.

Get 17% off all products online with code: LUCKOFTHEIRISH

Colourful African Wax Print Fabric Lampshades & Home Décor. Designs maybe Bold, Geometric, Retro & sometimes Geeky too!

Perfect time for getting your new Spring Décor,  African Inspired by moi.

Any questions, please send me a comment below,  ✉ or send  an inbox message via Facebook: detolaandgeek. Thank you!

Nearly forgot to mention it is also " International Day of Happiness" today. A real nice double whammy.

Have a great Spring Sunday :-)

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Happy St Patrick's Day March 2016

Happy ST Patrick's Day to all my Irish readers all over the globe


"May your troubles be less

and your blessings be more

And nothing but happiness

Come through your door"

         ~   Old Irish Blessing


 Flash sale now on, ends tomorrow 18th March 2016 at midnight, so get your skates on folks!  

Have a Guinness  or two on me 🙌.