Sunday, 9 March 2014

Using African Wax Prints in Interior Design

I am so so sorry for MIA (missing in action). Been so so busy behind the scenes that I have neglected my blog (.... a tad bit!). It's the Year 2014 and we are already in March. Where did the first two months go?

So I am now back on track! Whoop whoop !!!

I have been indulging & totally loosing myself in the world of African Design. A lot. And I mean both interior and fashion design. I am blown away by the talent I stumble across on a regular basis. Whether it's on social media, at Handmade fairs & Exhibitions, in magazines, on Television etc. My beloved fabric has gained a well-deserved international recognition, even though it's been around like forever.

I keep my eye on the ball as I also create & sell my own bespoke handmade products - lampshades, cushions, wall decor, lavender pouches/bags etc - with an African twist.

And here are a few inspiring discoveries which have given me loads of new ideas.

Fabulous richly coloured African Pouffes
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I need me some of these rare African patterned towels

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I'm still trying to find out which Hotel this is in Nigeria. I just love the layout, textures, colours, fabric & furniture pieces.

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These square cubes, one-off design pieces by Ron Arad, are pretty neat!
Photo Credit: Do-lo-rez by Ron Arad

What I would really love is for people to see and meet the makers at the grass-root level. The indigenes of Africa who are great craftsmen/craftswomen. Very skilled at what they do but are not paid enough nor given any recognition for their creativity. Be it furniture, art objects & paintings, clothes etc. It's endless. In future I would like to work more closely with these special people - do my bit by giving back to my African roots. My social responsibility.

Our African wax prints have been around like forever and still have much more to show in the future.

"My take on African Prints ~ They are timeless. The future is African, in wax prints full of vibrant colours and patterns"