Monday, 25 February 2013

Interior DesignTrend for 2013 ~ African Print influences

Yes African Prints have exploded all over the world. Also known as Ankara in Nigeria, it's been introduced more and more into interior design and now found it's own firm footing.

This bedroom below reeks of African heritage. From the bedspread, pillows, colour of the bed frame to the painted walls, plates and all. Everything is so well coordinated without loosing the functionality of the room.

I will most definitely be blogging more on this as I'm a British-Nigerian and I think Ankara, the African print fabric has taken over the world.

In terms of creating eye-catching focal points in any space, I make fabric lampshades using the Ankara material by hand. The designs and colour combinations are endless.

Here are some below for your viewing pleasure ;-)

Please visit my Ankara Lampshades shop on Etsy. I also share images on my page on. You can also reach me via:


  1. fab colours and the lamp shades would brighten up any room!

  2. @Mahal - thanks for your lovely comment

  3. I love the bed spread, interesting to see african prints used in this way. Also, love the lampshades! I'm hoping to go on a course soon to learn how to do this and I think it would be great to include some african influences into my home - I have lived in the UK for most of my life but am half Ugandan, so love to have a mix of cultural influences in my home. Thanks for inspiring me!

    1. @Moremiriam Thank you

      Good luck with the course!And share your shades with me.