Monday, 15 July 2013

My ETSY Christmas in July (CIJ2013) Sale is now on ......

Sorry for my 'no posts recently' absence on my blog. Just been so so busy with my handmade line of Lampshades, cushions etc. Time just seems to fly by. 

Just so you know though we at Ankara lampshades by Dezine Konnections Interior design are taking part in the 'Christmas in July' Sale. All you need is on the sale poster below. You could also send me a message via the 'contact the shop owner' link on the left hand side of my shop ( if you have any questions or queries. 

I also wanted to share with you some lovely treasury list that featured my African wax Print and Printed Cotton Lampshades in the last few days. Nice collections from hardworking Etsy Sellers. Am just doing my bit in promoting Etsy!

I usually have this surprised-shocked look on faces when I am promoting my shop to people I meet in various settings (could be my son's school, networking events, independent shops or even among my friends) and they have NEVER heard of Etsy. Am like WOW, really! So I go into an extended talk about what ETSY is. And their usual response is 'Oh really, I must have a look'. I then proceed to whip out my Blackberry and show them my online shop. And I always, always get the same reaction  - your lampshades are soooooooooooo beautiful. Such unique patterns and colours as well.

his is what my handmade creations are ALL about. The smiles on my lovely customers' faces when they buy one of my fab lampshades or cushions. Total satisfaction guaranteed!

I'll be doing a few market stalls (Camden lock next month) and craft fairs this summer and beyond. So to keep up to date of my events, please 'LIKE' my Facebook page and you won't miss out ......

}My take on Xmas in July Sales ~ You have the chance to get some/all of your Christmas (and other important occasion) shopping out of the way. Also the prices are reduced too.~