Thursday, 31 March 2011

Multi-use living spaces

The word on the block is that the balancing of life with other different aspects such as work, relaxing and entertaining is becoming easier by the day. It is now fully recognised that this is a very important deciding factor in interior design.

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It is designing for the future. Adapting for the future. Easy living for the future.

It is the new way of living. It is about making lifestyles easier.

Living spaces, work spaces, eat spaces etc The list goes on & on ..................

Forever changing lifestyles now need to accommodate flexible living. Instead of single purpose traditional rooms – we are now seeing large multi-purpose family spaces. One space can now be adapted to suit a variety of uses and also at different times of the day with minimal change to the original style.

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Relaxing, working, dining and entertaining are all the basic zoning elements. Most spaces kind of do-it-all nowadays.

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A lot of living rooms now have a space or corner for a mini “home-office”. Or work area. As the trend of working from home becomes more and more the in-thing to do, interior designers have to take into account this growing need.

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Studio apartments are quite on-ball when it comes to multi-functional living spaces since the “one-room” is the cum living room cum bedroom cum kitchenette. Very, very practical!!!

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}My Take on Multi Use Living - I think Multi-Use (Hub) Living Spaces are dead cool !!!! ~  

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