Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Detola and Geek Metallic Gold Edition 2017 Handmade Lampshades

Here's a show and tell of my latest handmade project

How do you like the sound of metallic? Gold? Gold lining? Luxe?

I guessed you would love my subtle hints!

Introducing my new limited Gold Edition series of bespoke handmade lampshades. I've also named them with TRADITIONAL "Nigerian" names too.

So here they are in no particular order

First meet FUNKE

Next is FOLA

Next up is WURA (nuff said)

And lastly but not the least, TUNDUN

.... and all FOUR together now

Hope you like / love them

p.s . I'll be making matching cushions filled with "duck feather" inserts! Zip closure & may / may not have piping! Havent decidec on that yet ;-)

You can  get your own metallic gold lampshade too!

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